Volunteers are an integral part of our society. This act of good citizenship can brighten our resident’s days immensely.

Norwood strives to have our volunteers obtain personal growth, learn new skills and develop a sense of commitment. Volunteering can look very different depending on where you land. At Norwood we have three different volunteer areas for you to choose from.

  1. Friendly Visitor – Carefully matched with a resident to provide companionship on a weekly basis.
  2. Activity Program Helper – Assist the activity staff with daily programed activities within the home
  3. Entertainer – Assist the activity staff by entertaining in the home at various times during the day, evening or weekend, depending on the program.

All our volunteer positions have flexible hours and days. Norwood takes all request for volunteer positions into consideration.

For more information on volunteering please reach out to our Activity Director.

Email: activity@norwoodcare.ca
Phone: 416-535-3011 EXT 104